• 30 grudnia, 2022

Cellufine ET-clean L


The Cellufine product line consists of chromatography media designed for the purification of proteins, enzymes and other biomolecules. This line of media is based on spherical cellulose beads, which exhibit high chemical stability, high mechanical strength, and inherent biocompatibility. These Cellufine chromatography products are ideal for the purification of biopharmaceuticals and food products. And leachables from cellulose-based media are significantly lower than those from comparable polymeric beads.

Cellufine chromatography products are suitable for all chromatographic techniques. Gel filtration, ion exchange, affinity, and hydrophobic interaction chromatography media are available for the purification of a wide range of target molecules. In addition, JNC Corp. can provide custom media, such as large beads or special affinity ligands, for use in challenging purification processes.

The product range of Cellufine Chromatography Media

Cellufine media products are suitable for all modes of chromatography: ion exchange, affinity, hydrophobic interaction, mixed mode, and gel filtration. The following table lists the standard products available. In addition, custom products can be developed by modifying the bead size, porosity, and ligand chemistry. Cellulite products are packaged in a variety of container sizes ranging from 10 mL to 10 L. In addition to standard bottles, most products are available in pre-packed mini-column formats with media volumes from 1 to 5 mL. Larger packing-size containers are available upon request.

  • Affinity Cellufine resins derivatized with high-affinity biospecific ligands
  • Cellufine HIC resins derivatized with ligands to develop separations based on hydrophobic interactions
  • IEX Cellufine uses a wide range of ion exchange ligands
  • Gel filtration Cellulose resins that can be used to separate molecules based on molecular size
  • Mixed mode Cellufine resins containing hydrophobic and ion exchange ligands
  • Prepacked columns available with a wide range of Cellufine resins
  • Empty column hardware for self-packaging applications

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