• 20 kwietnia, 2021

T-pro Biotechnology

Treating all types of hair with high performance and delivering what hair really needs are the focus of Natura Lumina products. To achieve this objective in the exact measure of each damage, we created an advanced, unprecedented and exclusive technology: Protein Biotechnology. Learn more!

What exactly is Protein Biotechnology?

It is a technology capable of acting on all layers of the hair: from the deepest level (inside the hair) to its surface, regenerating from the inside out.

Why is this Biotechnology really about?

We discover in nature the power of the spider web. Despite being thinner than hair, she is five times stronger than steel, more malleable than nylon. In addition, it is also composed only of proteins. In this way, it was possible to identify that both the spider web protein and the hair protein have the same design, revealing a unique affinity. She is able to connect to the hair and promote a targeted recharge specifically for each region of damage, throughout all layers of the hair. We reproduce, then, the protein of the fabric in the laboratory, giving rise to Proteia Biotechnology.

Biotechnology Pro-teia and its benefits

The result of the use of Biotechnology in hair health is proven thanks to the use of X-ray microtomography for hair evaluation – a technique similar to tomography used for diagnosis in medical examinations. She looks at the damage caused by porosity inside the hair, a region known as the cortex, the deepest layer that is not visible to the human eye. This demonstrated a 70% reduction in porosity in the hair, already in the first application.

Present in all Lumina treatment systems, which caters for the most varied hair needs – dry, chemically damaged, straight and curly, Pro-teia Biotechnology is allied to specific actives, delivering a hair treatment directed to what each type of hair needs. .

The result is promising: healthy hair from the first application and regeneration to the exact extent. No tricks.

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